Think It Not Strange

Think it not strange for the fiery trials that I have allowed you to go through that I may be revealed in you. Surely out of the fire I will bring forth gold that has been tried and refined. Surely out of the fire you will learn to know Me like none other. You will learn Me for Who I truly am. I am the high and the holy God. I am the all-powerful One.

It is in the midst of trials that I will reveal My powerful hand and show forth My glory, as I show forth My redemptive work, as I bring you through the midst and bring you out as a new people that will manifest My glory upon this earth. It is out of the fire that you will find My Son. You will see him, you will see His mighty hand and you will see that He was moving and working on your behalf. Yes, it is out of the fire that I will bring you forth refined like gold.

It is out of the fire that I will bring forth My greatness and My power and you shall see My glory as I move upon this earth, as I give demonstration of My mighty work in your midst. I am a high and holy God. I will do terrible and awesome things among My people. I will give demonstration in signs and wonders and miracles that no nation has ever seen. I am bringing forth a glory upon this earth in this hour that no other generation has ever known or seen before.

I am going to show Myself strong on behalf of My people. Those that will believe, those that will draw nigh unto Me, I will raise up and I will empower and I will send forth to do My holy work and I will be with you to show forth My greatness and My glory in this day.

Seek My face and you shall see. You will see Me like never before. Search Me out and you will surely find Me. For I am revealing Myself once again upon this earth. For those who will draw nigh unto Me in humility and brokenness I will make Myself known in all of My greatness and power. You will see and you will know that I am the Lord your God in this day.