Time of Separation

"I will bring forth descendants from Jacob, and from Judah an heir of My mountains; My elect shall inherit it, and My servants shall dwell there. Sharon shall be a fold of flocks, and the Valley of Achor a place for herds to lie down, for My people who have sought Me. But you are those who forsake the LORD, who forget My holy mountain, who prepare a table for Gad, and who furnish a drink offering for Meni. Therefore I will number you for the sword, and you shall all bow down to the slaughter; because, when I called, you did not answer; when I spoke, you did not hear, but did evil before My eyes, and chose that in which I do not delight. Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: Behold, My servants shall eat, but you shall be hungry; behold, My servants shall drink, but you shall be thirsty; behold, My servants shall rejoice, but you shall be ashamed; behold, My servants shall sing for joy of heart, but you shall cry for sorrow of heart, and wail for grief of spirit" (Isaiah 65:9-14).

I am bringing forth My elect, those who have feared Me and honored Me, and they shall possess My inheritance. Those who seek My face shall find rest for their souls and I will hedge them into My blessings and they shall be Mine.

As you enter into this third day, I am bringing a greater separation to My people who are Mine and I will make them known as My special possession. I will spare them even as a man spares his own son who serves him. My people will be known by My presence and power as never before.

But for those who will not seek My face, who have forsaken Me for the gods of this world, who have neglected My holy temple, you shall reap what you have sown and the wages of your sin will be paid promptly. You will come under the storm clouds that are gathering on the horizon for the ungodly because I have called you but you did not answer, I have sought you but you would not be found. And when I did speak to you, you refused to listen but closed your ears and continued in your ways of evil before My face choosing to serve yourselves rather than Your Creator. You have chosen to go your own way rather than the way I have set before you.

Therefore I am separating My people. The paths you have chosen are ever widening from each other and now you shall begin to see the fruit of your ways. Do not be deceived by what you see for prosperity is My last test before judgment. I have prospered your land to see if you would obey Me or not. But the time is coming when I shall remove My hand of blessing and you shall see who are truly Mine and who are not. My servants shall eat while you are hungry; My servants shall drink while you are thirsty; My servants shall rejoice while you are ashamed of your ways; My servants shall sing for joy of heart in My presence while you shall cry for sorrow of heart and grief of spirit because I have left you. I am even now bringing greater separation to My people and I shall cover My own with My hand and shall keep them in the midst of the storm.

Therefore, I beseech you My people, return to the Lord your God with all of your heart and seek My face while it is yet time. Separate yourselves and come out from among the multitudes who are engrossed in harlotry with this world. Return from your faithlessness and I will heal your backslidings and I will revive your spirits and I will raise you up once again to live in My sight in holiness and true devotion. Come forth from your darkness and I will bring you into My light. Forsake your idolatries and I will set you on high. Seek the Lord your God and you shall live.