Return to the Lord

Take heed to what you hear. That which I have spoken, I have spoken. Not a word of the true prophets shall fail. Yea, My word is established in the earth and is already prepared unto a determined end. All who come to Me will be fed. All who believe in Me will drink abundantly. But woe to those that forsake the source of My mercy. Woe to those that forsake the pools of My grace. For I am preparing even now a mighty army to devour the high places and idols of this earth. Even now I am preparing a devouring swarm and the rivers will be dried up. The paps will no longer freely give suck. Hunger shall arise in the earth and many will seek death because of the troubling of the earth. But I say, come, and you will be established in a wealthy place. My Spirit says, come, and I will bring you into a large place where you will never be forsaken in the evil time. I am separating the wheat and the chaff through a spirit of judgment and a spirit of burning. That which is not of me shall surely come to naught. Only that which I have spoken will stand in this day. Vanity will come to nothing and all will give account for the grace given to them according to the measure of the gift of Christ they have received. Consider your ways. Come into My presence and consider your ways in the light of My presence. Consider your ways in the light of the measure of grace I have given you. Will your works stand in the test of fire on that day? Will your works add to My glory or will they cause you shame at that hour? Many are called but few are chosen. Many have received the gift of grace but few have borne the fruit of that gift. How long will My people suffer a continual backsliding? How long must I deal with the same things? Have I not spoken? Have I not given direction? Take heed what you hear for until that which has been spoken is fulfilled, I cannot bring increase in your life. Consider your ways and that which you are bringing forth for My sake. If you continue to lust and tempt Me in this hour, I will give you unto your request and with it shall leanness come unto your soul. But I say, choose life. Come unto Me that I may establish you a praise in the earth and so glorify my name.