Open your hearts and seek the Lord your God. Lift up your heads and seek the Lord, for it is the time of outpouring. Open wide your mouths and I will fill them. I am releasing a fresh outpouring of My Spirit upon My people. I will fill your thirsty souls and baptize you afresh. My Spirit will prepare the way before Me and lead you into the fullness of My divine purposes. I am opening a fountain from on high that you might continually drink to the full. Be refreshed. Be strengthened. Even as My angel made provision by the broom tree in the wilderness for Elijah to make a great journey, so I am making provision for My people for that which lies ahead. It is a time to seek My face and receive My strengthening for the great things ahead.

The Lord has been ministering to young people in great ways as of late. I am seeing a spiritual awakening taking place in many young teens. They have a great hunger for spiritual things. We had a great time in the Lord this past weekend as His Spirit was poured out on their thirsty souls. What a refreshing sight to see teens weeping before the Lord and seeking His presence and power. One young man was so overcome by the Holy Spirit that He couldn't stop weeping and speaking in tongues for at least 30 minutes. You could literally feel the presence of the Lord emanating from His body.

But through it all I believe the Lord is speaking from on high that we are getting ready to see a mighty breakthrough among the young people of our nation. Entire schools will be lit up with the glory of the Lord as young people flock together in spontaneous meetings of repentance and brokenness. Classes will be disrupted as the Holy Spirit sweeps into their midst. It is time to pray for our young people as God stirs them up and separates leaders across the land in preparation for His work.