God's Shaking

I shall shake the heavens and the earth with a great shaking. Yea, I shall shake my church and even now have begun shaking and the foundation stones shall be laid bare and the hearts of men shall be exposed before the world and nothing shall be hid. That which is built upon the hay and stubble of flesh shall fall in a great heap and great shall be the dust thereof. I shall dwell no more with the lukewarm but they shall be shaken with a great shaking and will wonder at the things around them and falling upon them. I will receive the half-hearted no more for can righteousness dwell with unrighteousness? can light have communion with darkness? can the temple of God take part with idols? But I shall shake them from their comfortable places and great shall be the fall. But they that establish themselves on the living Rock shall rise up out of the dust as beacons on a hill and shall shine as never before in all the darkness and My name shall be made known once again upon this earth and My power and glory shall be manifested to all men.