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"Gather My saints together unto Me; those that have made a covenant with

Me by sacrifice" (Psalm 50:5)

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"Sanctify them by Thy truth; Thy word is truth" (John 17:17)

The Sanctification of Greyden White

I am just now commencing my 7th decade of life with the most glorious experiences you can imagine. Jesus, the Living Christ, is the most important person in my spiritual growth and maturation.

For 65 years I was of the Baptist persuasion with very little growth to show for it. It seemed that I done all the wrong things in pursuit of the Holy Spirit. We all sat on our hands in the back pews...quenching the Spirit. At that juncture I allowed that there was a considerable amount of growth that was being stunted. It took me a lifetime to realize where I should be.

My first wife passed away with a terrible genetic disorder in 1995. It was during her sickness that I realized that God was showing me what lie ahead for those that would believe. Believe me, Tom that was one horrendous loss! What I gained was in pieces; taking me many months and into a small number of years to see where I had to go to be spiritually fit. At first it was terribly lonely. I went back to church but found very little sympathy and understanding.

Then, by way of the computer I gained the acquaintance of a lady seminarian that lived a short distance south of me. We swapped our lives with one another and eventually married on February 14th 1998. She was Baptist also but soon we pulled our memberships with our churches and went with Wesley.

I studied everything I could lay my hands on about this remarkable preacher. His brother Charles was a tremendous asset to my belief structure for it was through the hymns he wrote along with the music and lyrics of Isaac Watts, that I gained more insight into Wesleyanism.

In the midst of this, I was still being buffeted by some uneasy force within me. Since my new wife was a pastor and former teacher for many years, she was able to help me delve into this problem. You see, for 40 years I was unknowingly burdened with the occultish ways of the Masonic Order which did not advance my belief system one iota, in fact, it was a detriment. With much deep inner wrenching and consultations with many ex-Masons, I was able to flee from those bonds of servitude to a 'demonic' system. It was after that had taken place (upon my resignation from the Order ) that more light from Heavenly places became evident in my life.

Two years ago, while searching out material upon the Holy Spirit, I stopped very suddenly and turned around to my wife and said, "By George!!! I have the solution to the whole thing."

What do you mean?, she exclaimed.

Rolling my chair back to her, I had the most peaceful countenance come over me that has ever made known before.

This took place in the fall of 2000; the next event was in February the following year. While sitting at the breakfast table preparing to do our daily devotions. She would do scripture and I would read the devotion. It had to do with Holiness. I started reading down through the devotions and I had only read about a paragraph and all of a sudden I broke out in streams of tears and sobbing for quite some time. I still don't what happened at that time, but from that time on, I have been voraciously devouring every bit of Holiness material I can find. There are vast volumes I have downloaded from the net.

It has been an endless joy to have HIM in my life, filling every molecule of my being with HIM. It is an even greater joy to also dwell in Him. First it was Him in Me, as I then was. Now it is also a purified me in Him.

To ask for a guideline to what has happened in my life to obtain this blessing of the Kingdom I cannot tell you exactly. It is ineffable. The words of the English language are quite inappropriate to describe the feeling and emotions.

There is an old hymn of Charles Wesley, "And Can It Be That I Should Gain," It tells it all, It is Amazing Love: it is unconditional! It cannot be felt, nor touched, smelled, heard for it is, when truly wholly and completely sanctified that you are at one with HIM. Let this Hymn be my testimony, Tom for in it lies the basic foundational stones of my belief system.

Here are all 5 verses verbatim from our hymnal so as you can appreciate the full value of what it is to have HIS Glory within you and manifesting from you. Truly it is beyond compare!


Amazing Love! how can it be That Thou, my God, shouldst die for me.