Open Bible"Sanctify them by thy truth. Thy word is truth" (John 17:17).
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Testimonies of a Deeper Life

EagleBeverly Carradine 1848 - 1931
I wanted to be able to turn upon sin and the world the eye and ear and heart of a dead man. I wanted perfect love towards both God and man, and a perfect rest in my soul all the time.

EagleMartin W. Knapp 1853 - 1901
In an instant I was made conscious of my cleansing. The “giants” fled, the “walled towns” crumbled, and Canaan, through Christ, was possessed! To God be all the glory!

Milton L. Haney 1825 - 1922
No act of my life was, perhaps, more simple and easy, than the act of faith which received Jesus Christ as my complete Saviour and sanctifier.

EagleHow to Obtain the Blessing of Sanctification
Nothing seems simpler to the man who has received the blessing than the way of holiness, while to the person not yet in the experience nothing is darker.

EagleGeorge Delo - Personal Testimony